The Wider Church

Corio- Norlane is part of the wider church – both the Uniting Church and the churches of Corio and Norlane. 

Ecumenical Services are held every 2 months. See below for the Ecumenical services calendar for 2017.

Friday 3rd March,  2pm:            World Day of Prayer:                                                                                                            Salvaton Army, Northside Geelong Community Centre 92 Cox Rd Corio

Wednesday 10th May, 2pm:     Church of Christ,  33 Eagle Parade, Norlane

Wednesday 5th July, 2pm:        St Andrew’s Anglican Church, 104 Bacchus Marsh Rd,                                                       Corio

Wednesday 13th Sept, 2 pm      St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, 51 Plume St Norlane

Wednesday 22th Nov, 2pm      Corio-Norlane Uniting Church 10 Wendover Ave, Norlane

For more information contact

Corio-Norlane Uniting Church Good Companions:

Secretary: Dorothy Lauder, PO Box 14 Corio 3214, ph 52789098.

Shared Easter Dawn Services – 

Easter Sunday Morning  at Dawn  at Geelong Baptist College  Anakie Rd Lovely Banks     

Corio Combined Churches  Carols   Sunday 18th December at Shell Reserve, Purnell Rd.  Free Sausage sizzle at 6.00pm followed by Carols from 8.00 pm