Our Story

Corio-Norlane Church of the Uniting Church in Australia is the amalgamation of two congregations – Corio Uniting Church, Hendy Street Corio and St Stephen’s, Norlane Uniting Church into the Corio-Norlane Congregation.¬† Recently our buildings have been refurbished and provide a multipurpose place for worship, activities, and an improved environment for Uniting Barwon¬† (Norlane).

Within our complex we have hosted our welfare agency, originally PEX Welfare, since the late 1970’s. This is now part of the wider Uniting Barwon agency of the Uniting Church.

Our site also hosts a Uniting OP-SHOP Norlane in the Dorothy Thomson Centre. This is open 5 days a week.

We alsophost ANAN CARA day respite on Wednesdays in the Dorothy Thomson Centre

Recently we have worked with RECLINK on the upgrade of the garden. We wish to express our thanks to RECLINK for the work they have done on the front reflective garden, driveway garden, and vegetable/community garden space.

vegetable garden